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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Faccias de Amore, A Pre-Valentine Special

TeatroSugbo, Incorporated, together with the University of San Carlos Nursing Student Body Organization, bring us, Faccias de Amore (Faces of Love), a 5-story play that depicts how each and everyone of us is affected by love. It is a compilation of different stories inspired by different mythological and familiar characters that are associated with Valentine's Day:

A fictitious story between Airmid (Angel of Healing) and Cupid (Angel of Love) challenged by Aphrodite (Goddes of Love) can create a change in how we celebrate Valentine's Day.

A story of three good friends with different personalities but has unconsciously gained strength from each other: Strey, a typical bad boy who turned good, realizing that he cannot give love without loving himself first; Fern, a gay nurse fashionist who sacrified his dream for the love of his mom; and Carey, a poor but exceptionally genius "prom-di" who will rise above on top of her league despite her financial incapability and life misery.

The stories will remind us that everything that happens in our life happens for a purpose. Each of us may relate to a particular character/story as we face our own life's challenges while perfecting the real meaning of the word LOVE.

Don't miss this great opportunity to witness the great talents that TeatroSugbo offers to us!

TeatroSugbo is a non-profit, non-stock theater organization run by volunteers. Their mission is to provide quality and transformative training in theater for the purpose of educating and empowering the youth and underprivileged. They also have fund-raising projects for the benefit of their chosen charitable institutions. Most specially, they aim to develop the quality of theatrical arts in the Philippines through training its volunteers, support research opportunities for the development of theater, for social change, and develop local talent and preserve local culture.

PLAY DATES ARE ON: February 11- 13 (3:00 and 7:00 PM)
Venue: University of San Carlos - South Campus (Girls High) Cultural Center

Ticket Prices are:
** PhP50.00 -- for High School students (must present ID for verification)
** PhP70.00 -- for College students and non-students

Ticket Outlets:
** USC - North Campus c/o SSM
** USC - South Campus c/o SBA
** USC - Main Campus (at the Principal's Office)
** USC - Technological Center c/o TS and USC - College of Nursing, Student Body Organization.

Hope to see you there!!

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me said...

I wonder if they'll have a play in April.

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