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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cul de Sac Cafe, Talamban Cebu City

Hey guys, here's another restaurant in Cebu that I'm sure you'll definitely love! Cul de Sac Cafe, a Spanish-inspired restaurant located inside Sto. Nino Village in Talamban.

The pictures I have here were actually taken about 5 months ago when I was still pregnant. (I just got the time of blogging again, was really busy with the little one!)

Anyway, I really like the place. Very cozy and romantic. If you've read about my post on 10 Dove then yes, they're just neighbors! :D Although a little bit far from each other. Cul de Sac Cafe is much closer to the village entrance. It's right at the end of Maya street (the first street to the right, see map below), where it's name was actually coined (cul de sac, which means "dead-end street").

So my hubby and I went there last February to celebrate Valentine's Day. It was the perfect place indeed --- dim-lighting, floral seat and table covers, light jazz music -- aaaahh! romance is in the air!

So I'm pretty sure you're all excited to know what we ordered and without further adieu, here it is:

For the entree, we had Veggie Salad with (Php70.00), and Shrimp Linguine Marinara (Php110.00).

For the main course, we ordered Usso Bucco (Php280.00), and Fish with Spinach (Php190.00). Both dishes tasted really really good that just thinking about it makes me wanna run back to the cafe!

Usso Bucco is like kaldereta, except that it is beef and has a creamy sauce made from coconut milk.

Orders under Meat and Seafoods come with a choice of soup & a scoop of ice cream (we had ube) :)

Okay, so I mentioned above that these pictures were taken about 5 months ago so I kinda forgot what we ordered for the soup (so sorry about that). But I think it was Pumpkin and Creamy Mushroom. Anyway, both tasted really good especially that they sprinkled it with some pepper and herbs.

I really had a great dining experience at Cul de Sac Cafe. Once my baby's big enough, I'm surely gonna go back there! Here's a picture of their facade.

So I hope you enjoyed reading my review guys! 'Til next time!

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Disclaimer: This is my honest and unbiased review of Cul de Sac Cafe and I am not paid whatsoever to do this ;-)


p. wit said...

The place looks classy... Another restaurant in Cebu I never got to visit before I moved out. I'll keep the name in mind though. Cul de Sac... With the many restaurants sprouting in Cebu I think a food trip is in order

Spiky said...

cool post...keep it up po.

hope we exchange links..Happy New year!

tndcallphilippines said...

Your pictures make ME want to run over and get some... :) The place really looks nice and the prices are very reasonable. I will tell my friends about this place and also when im in Cebu, i will go here. Thanks for the review!

Bridal Cars Rental said...

Very nice place !!

Bridal Cars For Rent said...

Very nice place and dishes !

helena said...

Wow! I was just there a month ago. I will take a note of this cafe and visit it when I go back!

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