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Monday, March 23, 2009

Crocolandia - A Visit With The Crocs

Crocolandia celebrates its 8th year anniversary! And they're doing a feeding for Lapulapu, the country's second largest crocodile.

First, a peek at the crocodiles' territory...
Hhmmm... so scary. Can't see what's beneath
Yup, you don't want to go home with one hand missing!
Now let's meet them all! Just looking at them is unnerving enough!

I can't really distinguish which one's a crocodile and which one's an alligator (like it matters! LOL)

No, that's not a real croc! LOL

Here's a baby crocodile which I got the chance to touch. It felt like touching a pure leather bag. And it's also kinda cold (as expected, since they're cold-blooded creatures).

Feeding time for Lapulapu!!!!

Waking up the beast...
There it is!
It kinda looked cute with a lily on it's back, LOL! :)
This man sure got the balls!

Chewing (and swallowing) its food. Gives me the chills!
How about a second helping? :)
Man! Just look at the size of that! A little girl actually cried after this watching this monster.

He got bored with the spectators watching, so he just went back for another dip in his pond.

Did you know that crocodiles can actually hold their breath underwater for 2 hours? And it also has a "built-in" goggle called Nictitating Membrane that automatically covers the eyes every time the crocodile dives into the water. Pretty cool, huh?

Taking a peek...
Lapulapu's tail.
Crocolandia is not only a home for the crocs but is actually also a mini zoo for other wild, not-so-wild, endangered, and not-so-endangered creatures.

Just like the baby crocodile, this snake's skin is also cold
A black scorpion. Ouch! :D
Piglet's cousin... :P
Oh my dear deer!
A cheeky parrot :D
Indian Star Tortoise (Geochelone elegans)
Sulcata Tortoise (Geochelone sulcata)
White-bellied Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster)
Hedwig's cousin :)
Grass Owl (Tyto capensis)
And another owl that I don't know :D

This one is sure creepy!
Common Koel (Eudynamys scolopacea)

I forgot what this bird is called but it sure does make weird noises and kinda hyperactive too. It took me a while to take a good picture.

A husky pet just wandering around the zoo :)

Hope you enjoyed my post! :) Till next post you guys!




Zvonko said...

beautiful pictures, beautiful and interesting animals, do not try it with real crocodile haha

veronica said...

hahaha! i won't :) thanks for the compliments :)

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