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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Karansa: Danao Festival 2009

I have mentioned before in my previous post entitled Danao Mountains that one of my closest friends lives in Danao and every so often during our college days we always hang out in their place and have “sleep-overs” and stuff. When I reminisce over the funny (and of course, happy) memories during our reunion last December 2008, I just can’t believe that it was already almost a year since we’ve last seen each other.

This year, we went back to Danao, not just for another reunion but also to be a part of Danao’s 2009 Festival. And of course, one of the highlights of any festival here in the Philippines is the street dancing In Danao, they name it “Karansa”, which means to dance, be merry, and celebrate! It’s lucky for us that our friend’s place is just by the main road so it was just easy for us to see the Karansa ;)

Nevertheless, I wasn’t able to take many good pictures as I found it very difficult, what with all the “extra” people loitering around, LOL. I managed to take a few good ones though; fortunately it wasn’t too crowded, unlike that of Sinulog ;)

Here's one contingent with a very colorful costume.

And another one with a some kind of a "seashell" theme :)

I like the costume of this group. It's like in "Ati-atihan".

Here's another colorful theme. And if you notice, they are carrying coconuts on their backs. So cute! :)

Yup, another colorful theme, lol! Wait till you see their "Festival Queen"! ;)

And right here you can see another contingent with, um yeah, a colorful costume :P

Here's a contingent with an ancient Filipino costume, adapted during the Spanish colonization.

Here's one thirsty dancer ;)

Okay! So, why don't we take a look at their "Festival Queens".
This one walked so fast! I wasn't able to take a pic of her colorful front.

This is one of my favorites. I like the peacock concept of her head dress :)

A closer look. Never mind the water tank guys, lol!

I didn't take a closer pic of this one. I wanted to emphasize her beautiful background.

Here's a unique one. A silver queen ;)

This one's so cute as well, with some hanging rice (puso) in her wagon (or as what we cebuanos call "karomata").

And here's my most favorite. I think she's the prettiest of them all :) That's why I placed her close-up pic at the beginning of the post ;)

And here are photos of one of my favorites in any street dancing - the props!

Okay, here are some blooper pics, LOL! Told ya it was difficult to take a good shot :D

This would have been picture-perfect, if it weren't for that towel-covered head! LOL!

This guy's forehead almost took up the entire photo! ROFL!

Oh well, this wouldn't be a good picture anyway coz it's kind of like off-balanced but still, the nature-spring-and-tampico-juice-bottles-with-peanuts tray ruined the whole artistry of the picture... :) Hehehe, well, can't blame it though, nor the guy bringing it :)

That's it guys! Till next Karansa!

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hanzsapitan said...

wow! what can i say? you captured the best moments in that festivity! nice photos and congrats! Nakakinggit ka naman? Lagi ka lumilibot!

veronica said...

@hanzsapitan, hehehe! thanks! syempre, always savoring God's gifts ;)

mark said...

hala! kalingaw.. ng Laag2 naPod ka verOnz.. aheheH!

FaYe said...

NICE PICTURES!!! maguol man sab ta makita ani mga pictures kay mingawon dayon ko sa cebu.

Anne said...

Agoy girl abi ko ikaw na tong Reyna nga kaguapa heheh...Bongga man diay sad mag festival ang Danao gurl.. Pastilan kahinumdum ko ani saun sad apil apil ko magsuot ug gahon ug saging mag-sihag sihag tawon pero feel na feel man labi na magbaras-baras sa kalsada.

pero kini gurl, perti man twon ka bonga ilahang outfit hehehe...dili nako ma carry kay murag pastialn taga Danao lang makapalit ani nga style.

Sa Bohol gurl mantinir lang mi ug mga sako-sako heheh!
Agoy nagsugod nasad ko gurl oi...Nice ni jud ganahan ko aning mga litrato dire.

Bye na gurl...waaaaaa! thanks for sharing!

r u s s said...

It is my dream to see a festival here in the Philippines. I've never seen one. I enjoyed looking at your photos, thank you for sharing.Ü

Kablogie said...

Wow Philippines! Ang saya naman jan..wish ko lang makapunta ako jan one day! :D

*~kAy~* said...

Look at that grand parade! <3 I love it! everybody's all dressed up and everything! <3 how fun!!!

The Leaves of Tarkong said...

what a great experience for you! i love to watch festivals, and take photos of them, too. hope to catch more adventures from you :)

budiawanhutasoit said...

all the pictures are very beuatiful dan colorful.
nice shoot...

Anonymous said...

These pics are very nice!
Iba talaga mag-celebrate ang mga Pinoy!

S-H-Y said...

Wow this have been amazing experienced for you, when I looked at the photos I remember the festival too in my home town Davao, it is quite a while since I didn´t visit my hometown, hopefully I will soon :P..Have a nice weekend..

Traveliztera said...

WOW! very colorful! I went to Capiz last week... Kaya mejo napatagal pagreply ko rito... When I got there, the fiesta was ongoing and the parade was SOMETHING I MISSED.grrrrrrrrr. wala kasi akong tulog for 2 days so basically, pagdating dun, nakatulog ako and missed the whole thing.ACKKKKKKKKK nakakainis! thanks to ur entry though--nagcompensate sa inis kong na-miss ung parade. this festival is very wow! honestly, i tried making a site before dedicated to philippine travels pero i really didn't have the time. i do hope i get to have the time soon. aun... mukhang marami kang masheshare :D very nice entries :D

moonzkie said...

omg soo colorful..

nice pics sis..

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

ang ganda ng festival..makulay ^_^

Zvonko said...

great post, beautiful pictures, thanks for this show, nice greetings Veronica

tripzibit said...

Very interesting festival n nice snapshots too :D

burn said...

Wla pa jud ko kita sa festival sa Davao ai. Maypa ka sis didto ka.. Kinsay saug ani?

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

ang saya talaga sa pinas. there's no place like home...ang ganda ng fiesta dyan makulay

Life Moto said...

very colorful festivity and great shoot to. miss that kind of parade.

meri said...

very nice and colorful festival!!!!

Zvonko said...

very nice and interesting post, beautiful pictures, congratulations, nice greetings :-)

Anonymous said...

everything is beautiful just like the song..

chubskulit said...

Hi Veron, I enjoyed the photos so much. Nadd na din kita, mwah!

chubskulit said...

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Thank you very much!


Ruby said...

very pretty and colorful!! love it! ^_^

Zamrud said...

I miss your visiting

lina@women's perspectives said...

I've never seen a festival like these. Love all the costumes and other colorful things...

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