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Friday, October 1, 2010

Balay na Tisa, Carcar Cebu

Carcar Cebu, located more than 40 kilometers south of Cebu City, is considered as one of the oldest towns in Cebu. Up to this day, the town is still evident of its Spanish influence which dated back for more than 300 years ago. One of them is the great ancestral house of Don Sarmiento, called Balay na Tisa, built during the Spanish rule on 1859.

Balay na Tisa is named after tisa, or limestone blocks, which is the material used for its construction. Not only is the house decades old, it also contains priceless antique furnitures, ceramics, silverware and paintings, used by generations of the Sarmiento family.

From ancient grinding stones to an antique grandfather clock and four-poster beds, one can really experience a taste of ancient Philippines as he enters Balay na Tisa.

Balay na Tisa is situated along Sta. Catalina St. (the street right across St. Catherine of Alexandria, church of Carcar), where several other ancestral houses such as the Sanchez’ House and Noel’s Dakung Balay (or The Big House) can be found.

I wish I had taken pictures of the Sanchez House and the Dakung Balay as well but we we're in a hurry back then. Hopefully next time ;)

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Jag said...

Wow! Pagkaanindot na lng gayud sa mga larawan ui! hehehe...nice vivid pictures! Gud eve!

veroniz said...

thanks Jag! :)

Will said...

ang ganda! Kelan kaya ako makakapunta sa Cebu?

veroniz said...

@Will, now na! :D hehehe

Beng Gee said...

Hello Vernz! We'll be in Cebu by next month for a 4d3n vacation. We've been there few years back but wasn't able to explore much. Sana mapuntahan din namin itong Carcar before we island hop to Bohol. May maisa-suggest ka bang magandang places to see? Thanks!

veroniz said...

@Beng Gee, wow that's so exciting! Well, there are many beaches in Cebu. You can go Island Hopping at Mactan, or go to Bantayan at north of Cebu. Or you can also go to Camotes Island. I actually have a post about Camotes (

You can also go to some mountain resorts like Mountain View, Island in the Sky, Hidden Paradise. They're quite far from the city though :)

If you want you can also tour some old infrastructures like churches, etc in the rural areas (mostly in the south of Cebu). Or you can visit Simala at Sibonga :)

If you want adventure within the city you can try Club Ultima's Sky Experience Adventure :)

Hmmm, what else did I miss? heheh. You may ask your tour agency for more info and more places, I'm sure they have lots in store for you! :)

Tita Beng said...

Wow, too many beautiful places to see pala in Cebu! We have gone to Bantayan before and was planning to see Malapascua next. However, I've heard that there is no electricity in that island so were thinking of other island instead. Maybe, we'll take your suggestion, the Camotes Is. I'll go read your post there. Btw, where are you really from? Davao or Cebu? Thanks so much for your time! See you again!

veroniz said...

you're welcome Tita Beng! I'm from Cebu :) Pure blooded Cebuano. hehehe

BTW, I forgot to tell you about Sumilon Island. You have got to go there! I haven't been there myself but my brother did and he said it's really really beautiful! I've read some online reviews too and they all say that it's a very beautiful island! :)

gingersweets said...

wow.. that is really nice... i love ancestral houses or anything antique.. brings you to the past and shows our culture.. are there still people living in these houses or these has become mere museum?..

veroniz said...

@gingersweets, yup! there are people still living there, although they were just caretakers I think. The owner is already in the USA and just seldom comes home.

♥ LaDy_mYx ♥ said...

sa cebu-bohol dapat ang tour namin last sem, di lang ako nakasama :((

sayang, ANGANDAAAAAAA! :( siguro nagpunta din sila sa ancestral house na to.

Ailee Verzosa said...

hello!!! i think your blog is interesting... and thanks for vising mine too!!! lets follow each other? hehe =] i followed you already.... good day!

veroniz said...

@ailee, sure no prob! thanks muchos! ^_^

Goyo said...

Thanks for the info and fotos on Carcar. Or as I call it "kotse-kotse". :-D Carcar is one of the places I am considering to move to in the near future so I'm really looking forward to learning more about it.

I need to look around your blog here and check it all out. I love Cebu!


Amerikano akong lawas pero Bisaya akong kasing-kasing

veroniz said...

@Goyo, you're welcome! In Cebu we jokingly call Carcar as "awto-awto". It's a Cebuano version of "kotse-kotse" heheheh! I also have another post about Carcar, it's about their Can-Asujan Hardfill Dam :)

Anonymous said...

one of my classmate told me ... that they own that house .. and their ancestors used to live there .. and she told me that there are ghosts in that haus ... well i don't wanna say her name ... but this is her initials .. MGLCV..

Nowitzki Tramonto said...

huwaw! love the interiors :) ancestral look at luman-luma talaga ang dating. para kang sumakay ng time capsule. hehe.bahay na bato rin ba ito?

veroniz said...

@Nowitzki, opo. gawa po to sa limestone (tisa) :)

Anonymous said...

I lived in this house for a few's funny seeing pictures now.

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