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Friday, July 31, 2009

Boljoon R&R

Far away in the south of Cebu lies Boljoon, one of the oldest towns of Cebu Province. With amazing sites such rocky mountain cliffs, refreshing beaches, and ancient buildings & structures, you wouldn’t get bored exploring this exquisite vista, one of Mother Nature’s natural beauties.

Through my employer’s R&R (Rest & Recreation) program, I got the chance to venture the high waters of one of Boljoon’s famous resorts -- Club Fort Med. It’s awkwardly situated at the side of its main road so people on buses/cars could see you swimming by the beach! It’s not such a big deal though, since the road is highly elevated such that you’re just a small thing when seen from the top. Sometimes though, rude commuters would holler at you, but others would just simply speed by.

All in all, it’s a great resort – fresh water, fresh air. Here’s another flaw though, it has no shoreline, except for a very small one on its right side. Most part of the beach are low diving cliffs -- swimmers should be careful since the water could run very deep and the waves very high especially during high tides.

The resort is actually a fish sanctuary, what with its uncorrupted waters. In fact, there were a lot of fishes joining us and poking at our feet us at the same time while we were swimming :)

Unlike the R&R we had last year in which there were team building activities, we only had “parlor” games (LOL!) and a pseudo-volleyball tournament. I only joined one game, just for the heck of it but hey, I won myself a prize! Guess what? (drumroll) a towel! LOL! What were you expecting? House and lot? Hehehe. But I loved it! I love towels :P

Anyway, we had to leave early. The travel time from Boljoon to the plant (Mandaue) is about three hours. *sigh* So much for “rest and recreation”, eh?
Us. Crowding in the hammock.
Finally! Got the hammock to myself.
Not ready when the pic was taken. Mari is looking the other way! LOL
Time to go home *sigh*
Mari and her fat cheeks.
Mari, her fat cheeks, and her dream house :P

See yah next summer guys!



EAZY said...

Hi, Veron! Boljo-on! Wanna visit again, when I spend my holidays in Cebu.

mangochic said...

Hi E'an! glad you drop by! =)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

relaxing view! great for summer getaway...
^_^ nice photos!

gem said...

You had a blast! What a nice place. keep rockin.

Anonymous said...

ganda naman
check my profile/feeds here
view my blogs here

blackbook said...

Hi Veron.
where is this place? whats localization? I need to know!!!
Return me ok... kisses... Greeting from Brasil!

veronica said...

@blackbook. hi! the resort is called "Club Fort Med" and it's in a town south of "Cebu" called "Boljoon". it's very far from the city, usually a 2-3 hours travel.

blackbook said...

the "clube fort med" have a website?

veronica said...

@blackbook. i just googled it now and yes it does have a website :)
go ahead and check it :)

blackbook said...

Tank you very much my friend... What's your name my darling?
Big hug Márcio Pina.

blackbook said...

Sory.... I can see now :)
Pleasure Veronica!

veronica said...

@blackbook. no prob! thank you as well :)

anto said...

nice post.. I love the picture.

veronica said...

@anto. thanks! :)

pilotHans said...

wow, wonderful photos.....i have some too..u can search at my blog for krabi, or palawan islands.


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