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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Foster Parents Needed!

So I was standing by the roadside just this morning waiting for a jeepney. It was raining and the winds were really chilly (wow, it rhymes...).

Suddenly, something caught my eye. It was a tiny kitten crawling towards the roadside! I noticed that it cannot move both its hind legs; it was just crawling by its front legs :-( I figured that maybe it was hit by a car or something. So I came towards it, picked it up by its scruff and placed it at the sidewalk. I wasn't really planning of taking it home with me but the moment I put it down, it called out to me with its wide round eyes, and its body was chilling all over :-(

My whole heart melted and without thinking, I picked it up, wrapped it around my labakara (face towel) and placed it inside the plastic bag I was holding. It didn't scream or cry or anything. It just looked at me and meowed a little. When I started walking though it started to meow a little louder but I comforted it and scratched its head and neck.

Finally, a jeepney came by and thankfully the front seat was empty so I took it coz I didn't want the other passengers to stare at me and my kitten. You know, it's not normal for someone to pick up a kitten by the roadside!

On the way home the kitten just kept staring at me with its wide eyes and occasionally meows a bit louder but I kept comforting it and scratching its head and neck. Minutes later, it fell asleep. I noticed that all its legs were still intact and there were no traces of blood or broken bones whatsoever so it kinda confused me on why it's crippled.
So anyway, I finally got home and greeted my 7 other cats. Yep! 2 adult and 5 kittens! I know! I'm a feline lover and I just can't stand poor homeless cats! That's why I'm working so hard on my blogs now so that I can have extra money to be able to take good care of my cats more! And I'm not even kidding!

I must admit though. Seven cats (plus one) is A LOT! So I'm gonna be completely honest with you guys. I'm looking for new foster parents (that are taga-Cebu) for the kittens. Especially the one I just found. There will be 3 kittens for adoption. The other three I still can't give out coz they're still too young they might die.

So I'm just gonna give out the three kittens. Two of them are male and the newly found crippled one...I'm not really sure yet if it's a male/female but I think it's male (BTW, I decided to name it "CJ"). So if any of you are interested (Cebu based only), pls. let me know! I'm afraid I won't be able to take care of all of them anymore. I may not be able to feed them more often :( So I need responsible foster parents who doesn't only likes cats but loves them and adores them and respects them :)
The two kittens for adoption. Names are "AJ" and "BJ". A total of three kittens for adoption including "CJ" the crippled.

Let me know guys! Okay so I'll talk to you later. Bye! :-*

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RyHeAnNe said...

Cute, kung taga-Cebu lang sana ako ampunin ko lahat. Haha, I love cats so much. Naalala ko tuloy once namulot din ako ng pusang giniginaw sa daan kaso inaway ng malaking pusa ng kapitbahay namin kc di naman nang-aaway mga pusa namin tinitignan lang xa, kaya kinabukasan paggising ko ubos na food niya at dead na rin ung kawawang kitten... :-(

veroniz said...

Thanks RyHeAnNe! I know, nakakaawa talaga. Yung mama ko din feline lover at palaging namumulot ng mga homeless pusa sa daan. hehehe.

Yung isang pusa nga namin na white (sa previous post ko entitled "Guilty!") ay adopted din. In fact, crippled din yun but just one hind leg. Nag-appear lang sha one day sa doorsteps namin then na notice namin na lata yung isang leg nya, mukhang nasagasaan yata. Kaya pinapasok kaagad namin at pinakain, binigyan ng warm pieces of clothes etc. Inaaway din yung ng ibang mga pusa sa neighborhood pero hindi si nang-aaway. That's what I usually notice with homeless cats, they're usually humble at mabait at hindi nang-aaway. Ngayon malaki na sha and still mabait. Pag merong bagong pusa na pumasok sa bahay namin hindi niya inaaway but lalaruin nya. Hehehe!

Sayang nga noh hindi ka taga Cebu. Sana may mag-adopt na sa mga pusa :)

Kraehe said...

Awww thanks for bringing the cat home with you. Me and my siblings also adopted homeless kitties, pero sa ngayun isa lang. Ayaw kasi ng landlady namin ng mga pusa, isa lang kaya namin itago sa kwarto.

RyHeAnNe said...

Your welcome. Cute kasi ng mga pusa sarap lapirutin (lol). Madami din kami pusa dati ngaun eh 2 na lang natira sa bahay namin (Pinas) noong umalis kc ako nagkasakit daw at namatay (cguro namiss ako)- lol.

Sayang nga hindi ako taga-Cebu, gustong-gusto ko nga mgkaroon ng pusa d2 sa apartment namin ayaw naman ni Pookie bear, mapapabayaan lang daw.

Thanks for the reply and leaving some comment on my blog. Haha, actually nervous nga kami bago magland ang plane sa Pyongyang, pero noong nandoon na rin. Ok naman, nahome sick nga ako noong paalis na ^_^

Kamila said...

bait mo aman Nica... grabehan... di talaga ako mahilig sa pet..sobra.. pinakamatagal kong naalagaan..isda... hahahahah

hindi ko alam.. x( sabi nila pag walang patient sa animal..walang patient sa bata,.. pero totoo lang gusto ko magka-aso...

ang bait mo.. sobra kinuha mo pa yung pusa.... at nagulat ako ang dami mo na pusa...

veroniz said...

Thanks Kamila! hindi naman :) mahilig lang talaga ako sa mga hayop. minsan nga feel ko mas may respeto pa ako sa mga hayop kesa sa mga tao, LOL! di biro lang :D

hindi rin naman ako mahilig sa mga bata...mas mahilig ako sa mga hayop lalo na mga pusa kasi malinis sila at maamo. pero syempre pag may mga bata na ko then i'm sure maging mahilig din ako sa kanila hehehe.

RyHeAnNe said...

Hehe, siguro nga namiss talaga ako. Cute nga talaga ng pusa parang aso din naman sila minsan sunod ng sunod kung saan pupunta ang amo. Sana my umampon na sa mga cats...

Keatondrunk said...

nice pet lover! buti nagkakasundo cla hehe

Yette Cruz said...

I'd be the first one to adopt it if I were only from Cebu. Sadly I'm not. Recently, parang na-huhumaling ako sa mga pusa eh. Besides I find them really cute and charming, especially if you take care of them :)

klomster said...

aww naalala ko yung pusa namin na nasagasaan. huhu. kamukha niya si BJ. :(

Diamond R said...

God bless you. I love cats actually also dogs. Take care

Lhuloy said...

waaahhhh...!!! naalala ko tuloy yung dati kong alagang si pot-pot! Magkakulay pa silA..your such a good Samaritan!
May God shower u with blessings! ^^,

Evan said...

I got teary-eyed reading your post. I have one dog and one cat, and would not want to add more in the family. But I would love to give CJ a good home, if I only live in Cebu.. God bless you and your good deeds!

halojin said...

ang bait mo po veronism... just finish reading your post ... anyway, wawa namn yung cat pilay huhu... kaya nga pala ako napadpad dito sa post na ito dahil sa post ni kuya diamondR

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