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Monday, April 22, 2013

Homemade Ice Cream (Without Using an Ice Cream Maker)

That's right! I didn't use an ice cream maker to make this lovely homemade mango ice cream! And it's ridiculously easy you can actually make this with your eyes closed! Okay, partially closed. Hehehe... :-D

I actually just made this yesterday and as of now while I'm typing I'm actually enjoying a scoop. And what's more enjoyable than to share it with your friends, right? So I'm sharing it with you guys! Except that I'm only going to share with you the recipe since you do know that I can't possibly share it to you in actual, right? (Duh!)

So here's the recipe:

1. Mix & blend 1 cup (250ml) all-purpose cream, around 5 medium-sized ripe mangoes (seed & skin removed!), 5 tbsps condensed milk, and 4 tbsps sugar in a blender. Adjust sweetness/"mangoness" according to taste. Pour the mixture into a plastic container with lid and store in the freezer overnight.
And that's it! Told you, it's ridiculously easy!
But I'd have to tell you though, some teeny-tiny ice crystals did form in the ice cream but it's not a big deal really except if you really want a creamy ice cream, like the ones sold in stores. But this is ice cream enough for me and perhaps in the future when I make this again I'll work on the ice crystals. Do you have any idea/tips though? I was thinking of adding evaporated milk to it or perhaps cornstarch? Some people, when making ice candy, do put cornstarch into the mixture to give it a smooth consistency but I'm not quite sure if it's safe to eat raw cornstarch. So if you guys have any tips/ideas please feel free to comment below! And let me know if you tried this recipe! I'd love to read your comments (except for the rude ones of course, hahaha!)

Tata for now! 'Til next post :)

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Wilhelmina Sarawi said...

Love the recipe, Veronica! <3

I do this all the time with Oreos, just cause they're cheaper. LOL

Anonymous said...

I never thought preparing ice cream could be this easy. Thanks for sharing. I'll try this at home. ;D

Anonymous said...

you need rock salt to help prevent the formation of ice crystals in your ice cream

veroniz said...

Thanks @Wil! Oh yeah I should also try this with Oreos!

@Anonymous, thanks for the tip! But where should I put the rock salt? Surely not in the mixture?

Lady_Myx said...

OHMYWOW! Im a lover of mango, and I'll definitely try this when I spare some time! :D thanks for this! :D

from Myxilog with love <3

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