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Monday, May 6, 2013

District 50 Restaurant at J-Centre Mall, Cebu

Hello everyone! So, about several months ago I've been scouting again for some restaurants in Cebu that are worth mentioning and while I was at J-Centre Mall in AS Fortuna St. Mandaue City, I found this sort of retro-diner inspired restaurant called District 50.
When I entered the place, I immediately liked the theme. It has a sort of diner feel to it though they actually serve more than just burgers. What immediately caught my attention was the beetle sports car which you can actually use as your table although it can only accommodate two persons. But it's pretty cool, huh?
As you can see, they pretty much have a lot of framed pictures (of music bands, music icons, celebrities, etc) and other 50's-inpired decorations, which I find really cool and inspired. They also have booths, al fresco dining and a bar as well.
So I know you're all very excited on what we ordered so without further adieu, here it is:
Nicoise Salad (above) and Russian Egg Salad (below) for around PhP180.00 each. As you can tell from the photo, the Nicoise Salad is a mix of lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, boiled eggs, olives, white onion rings, canned tuna and some balsamic vinegar as dressing. The Russian Egg Salad is basically just two hard boiled eggs with some peas, carrots, corn, olives and then topped with mayonnaise dressing. Both okay.
Chicken Parmesan for PhP180.00. I love love love this one! The sauce is really tomatoey which I like. But if you don't like tomatoey sauces then this might not appeal to your taste. But this is one of my favorites.
Creamy Dory with Pesto and Peas at PhP180.00. This I like too. The sauce is really tasty and complements with the creamy dory very well. Yum yum!
Smoked Paprika Beef at PhP230.00. This is one of my personal favorites! I like it's bit-of spicy taste and the beef is so tender. Really really tasty!
Chanesca (District 50's version of Puttanesca) at PhP180.00. I'm not quite a fan of this one. I was a bit disappointed that it has sardines in it. I guess that's what makes this version a different Puttanesca since the original Puttanesca recipe has anchovies instead of sardines. But I'd have to say that it does have a certain unique flavor to it, but it just didn't suit me that much. It kind of reminds me of misua with sardines, which I don't like very much...
For dessert we had Bea's Crepe and Brownie S'more each at PhP100.00. 
Bea's Crepe has ripe mangoes as filling and vanilla ice cream on top, while Brownie S'more is a chocolate brownie topped with s'mores and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. Both yummy and heavenly.
Overall I really loved my dining experience at District 50. What I really like about it is how cheap their price is and yet, as you can see from the photos, their dishes are very much like gourmet in appearance and taste.
Will definitely come back again!

For more information about District 50 or if you want to visit them yourself, here's their address and other contact information:
  • Address: 2nd Floor, J Centre Mall, corner Bakilid street, AS Fortuna, 6014 Mandaue City
  • Contact #: 520-6562
  • Email:
  • Facebook Page:
They are open from Mondays through Sundays from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm.  Payment options are Cash and Credit Card (Visa, AMEX, Mastercard).

Anyway, that's it for now. 'Til next post guys!

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