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Monday, July 19, 2010

CoffeeCat Grand Opening, IT Park, Cebu City

A new cat is in town! Coffecat, a Filipino owned coffee shop that originated from Davao, now opens its paws to coffee lovers in Cebu! Located at eBloc, Asiatown IT Park, CoffeeCat can accommodate a total of 60 guests in its indoor and outdoor seating.

Not only will CoffeeCat be known for its delectable coffees made from premium coffee beans, non-coffee Avalanche Ice Blends and delectable pastries and light snacks, but most specially for its signature product --- the Yogo Premium Frozen Yogurt, which also comes on top of a yummy belgian waffle.

You might be wondering how the name CoffeeCat is coined. As it is obvious, the name CoffeeCat is a combination of two words “Coffee” and “Cat”, the latter being inspired from a cat-sized mammal called civet cat which has a close affinity towards coffee berries. Pretty cool huh! Cool and fun! ;) --- which in fact is the look and feel that CoffeeCat wants to share to its market.

CoffeeCat aims to provide an atmosphere of sophistication and relaxation. So whether you're a businessman in time for business or a student wanting a coffee break from studying or just someone who needs a comforting cup of coffee and Yogo, you'll find that CoffeeCat is perfect for you ;)

You can visit CoffeeCat at E-Bloc (aka JP Morgan Chase Building), Asiatown IT Park, Lahug Cebu City. You can also get in touch with them at Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.

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Traveliztera said...

This is really awesome! I wish CoffeeCat arrives here in Manila soon!!! I wanna taste !!! =(

Yette Cruz said...

hi! thanks for visiting my blog despite of my sudden hiatus! I'm back now. Thanks again!

BTW, that frap made me suddenly crave for chocolate cream chip @ Starbucks, lol :D

Anne said...

Sis,paparazzi jud ka ba.. nice na jud ang cebu no daghan na kaau ug kausaban. agi lang ko mamasin ug makahinumdum paka nako heheh..

YULI said...

i love yogo :)

Goyo said...

I love coffee. I'll need to give Coffee Cat a try next time. Usually I go to Bo's. I especially like the one at Ayala Centre as they also serve decaf.

veroniz said...

@Goyo, me too!! I love coffee! I also go to Bo's before at Ayala until one of their baristas were being mean to me. Since then I never to go Bo's coffee, any branch. Hehehe! Coffee Cat is really unique because of their Yogo. So you'd have a choice of a healthy yogurt if you feel the need to break from coffee :)

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