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Monday, February 21, 2011

A Dinner Date at the Persimmon Plus, Mabolo Cebu City

Last Friday February 18, my husband and I were invited by the Aboitizland for a dinner date at the Persimmon Plus in Mabolo Cebu City. It was kind of like a post Valentine's Day event. Lots of other couples were also invited. I guess the event was also kind of a presentation of some of the shops that are soon to open at the Persimmon Plus, although there were only 2 shops that showcased their products that night -- Happy Rooster, which sells imported home furnishings and caters interior designs, and Urban Living, which is a salon and spa that also sells awesome bath products, I was almost tempted to buy one ^_^.

Anyway, it was really a romantic evening for me and my husband. The food was awesome! It was catered by Dong Juan. They're originally from Manila but they'd be opening a branch soon at The Persimmon Plus to serve their delicious meals for us Cebuanos. My favorite dish from was their Spaghetti. I loooooved it so much that I came back to the buffet table for a second helping, LOL! I wish I had photos of the food but it was a candlelit dinner and my camera wasn't just powerful enough to capture food on a dark background. Sorry guys!
There was also a band which I think was really awesome. They played popular songs which mostly are romantic. Their singers are pretty good, especially their guy singer who has a very soothing voice and almost exactly match that of the original artist's.

After dinner, they held a raffle contest where I won a 20% discount voucher on Oral Prophylaxis from the Bright Smiles Oral Care Center. Awesome! I wonder when I can avail of this service. I think it's been more than a year since I had an oral prophylaxis, hehehe!

So I guess that's all guys. I would really like to thank Aboitizland for inviting us to this awesome event. Wish there are more of this in the future, hehehehe! ;-D

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musingan said...

wow.. nice..

demonyitogwapito said...

i love the place.. hope to visit there soon.. :)

Ronster said...


me said...

would've loved to see photos of the food and the event... but doesn't matter. good post.

are you guys getting a unit there? ha!

Beng Gee said...

Looks like it's the type of place we love to go to! I wish we knew about this place when we were in Cebu months ago. Sayang!

M S said...

The place looks so classy. BTW, you have an award her:

Anonymous said...

Dong Juan will open there???

I have tried to eat in their GUADALUPE branch.

2 thumbs up!! for pochero steak, mozarella sticks, burger and iced tea in special glass!


Simple Things in Mind said...

Wow nice place! Hope I can visit that place when I get to Cebu..I'll be visiting there by May

Febbe said...

nice. i've never been to persimmon. :(

Anonymous said...

Finally, We were able to eat in Dong Juan the persimmons branch and gladly, the food is consistently good as guadalupe branch, same affordable price and the bonus is the beautiful interior, lighting and furnitures of the Persimmons branch.

The vibes there in Dong Juan persimmons branch is amazingly pleasant, positive and strong!

The family member owners must be full of positive energies in them.

You can feel it there when you visit DJ persi.


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